This site hosts several projects around standardization in Systems Biology:

SED-ML Web Tools


The SED-ML Web Tools provide an easy way to create, edit, execute or validate SED-ML documents. It provides a wizard that creates SED-ML documents from SBML models. All functionality is implemented using LibSEDML a set of .NET libraries for handling SED-ML documents. A standalone version is available with the SED-ML Script Editor as available from the libSedML download page.

Project: SED-ML Web Tools

SBML Software Index


The SBML Software Guide as found on the SBML homepage provides a list of software packages known to work with SBML. In May of 2011 a new call was made for tool authors to submit their tools for inclusion. This survey is ongoing and you can still submit your entry. The Softeare Index uses the PivotViewer to display the results using Silverlight.

Project: SBML Software Index

Layout Web Application


The layout application renders SBML models with Layout / Render information. Additionally it supports SBGN-ML files. Have a look!

Project: Layout

Layout Web Application


The Translator applications allows to translate SBML into a variety of other formats, including Matlab, XPP

Project: Translator

SBGN-ML Render Comparison


The RenderComparison project displays how different applications render the SBGN markup langauge that is developed as part of the libSBGN project. We display renderings from SBGN-ED and PathVisio-SBGN next to the display of my SBML Layout library.

The application is interactive, such that you can upload SBGN files or post directories containing SBGN files.

Project: SBGN-ML Render Comparison

Further online resources are still on sys-bio.org but will be migrated soon. There you have:

You might also want to take a look at the SBML Online Validator.