A variety of web projects around standardization in Systems Biology. I'm engaged with the following standard efforts:



The Systems Biology Markup Language or SBML is a markup language for encoding computational models in Systems Biology. It allows to encode metabolic, gene-regulatory, signalling models as well as purely mathematical models. Since the recent release of SBML Level 3 this language is now extensible which allows to capture new modeling paradigms as well.

More information: sbml.org

SBGN logo


The Systems Biology Graphical Notation or SBGN aims to standardize the way maps of computational models in Systems Biology are drawn. This challenges the way we have drawn network maps in the past. To make it easier to adopt we support the SBML Layout & Rendering Extension and allow conversion from other formats (including the format developed as part of the libSBGN project SBGN-ML) to make it readily accessible.

More information: sbgn.org

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The Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language or SED-ML is a new standard that helps to encode the simulation experiments that we perform on computational models.

More information: sed-ml.org

For more information, see my blog: Frank T. Bergmann's blog.