I have been involved with many software projects for Systems Biology, here a selection of my favorite ones.

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The Systems Biology Workbench or SBW is my favorite project, the tools included with it cover all aspects of the modeling cycle for Systems Biology: analysis, creation and editing, simulation and visualization of models.

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Software libraries provide the foundation, that make it easy to develop novel applications. In the last couple of years I prefered creating these libraries in .NET, as it allows me to work on them in my free time.

SBML Layout


The SBML Layout library provides support for the SBML Layout and Rendering Extension. It also implements import for JDesigner and CellDesigner annotations, as well as the SBGN markup language.

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The libSedML library provides support for the simulation experiment description markup language (SED-ML). It not only allows to create SED-ML documents as well as to simulate and validate them.

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RoadRunner is my state of the art SBML simulator, supporting SBML (up to Level 3 Version 1).

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Supports the SBRML format for encoding results.

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